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cover Living In Paris

Oh, to have the opportunity of doing just as the title says! This captivating book is even better to look at in the company of another person with Parisian sympathies, so remembrances can be compared as contents are browsed. With the aid of stunning photography by Christian Sarramon and Nicolas Bruant, text author Alvarez virtually makes love to Paris--its history, its charms--within these luscious pages, first presenting a tour of the districts of the City of Lights, then offering specific focus on different aspects of the appearance and joie de vivre of Paris, including parks and gardens, building interiors, and rendezvous places. A practical guide for travelers is appended, providing information on hotels, restaurants, etc. Brad Hooper

With the aid of stunning photography by Christian Sarramon and Nicolas Bruant, text author Alvarez virtually makes love to Paris-its history, its charms-within these luscious pages, first presenting a tour of the districts of the City of Lights, then offering specific focus on different aspects of the appearance and joie de vivre of Paris.

Book Description
The Living in... series takes you on an armchair visit of the houses, gardens, museums and palaces of the world's most beautiful countries and cities. From Norway to Istanbul, from Portugal to London, discover the neglected treasures and hidden delights of regions which still harbor secrets to enchant even the most world-weary traveler. And for those inspired to visit, each volume includes an exclusive traveler's guide.

In Living in Paris, José Alvarez provides the context-historical, literary, artistic, etc.-while Christian Sarramon and Nicolas Bruant provide 400 color photos of the buildings, the interior design, the neighborhoods, parks, gardens, shops, ateliers, museums and hangouts preferred by those who live in the city of lights. The book ends with a lengthy Visitor's Guide listing addresses, phone numbers and descriptions for hotels, shops, restaurants, stores and more for each neighborhood.

About the Author
Bradley Quinn was born in Sweden and is now based in the UK where he is a successful writer, journalist and curator. He is editor of the journal Fashion Theory and co-editor of Merge Magazine. He has also written for many English and American publications including Elle Decoration and Spruce as well as giving seminars at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Book Description
Scandinavian Style is an international sourcebook of the design and interior traditions of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. There are chapters on architecture, furniture and 20th century movements from Functionalism to Danish Modernism as well as modern living and the decorative traditions that influence Scandinavian Style: Gustavian, Neoclassical, Chinoiserie as well as the Middle East and Asia Minor. Finally a chapter on materials explores how modern Scandinavian designers such as Gunilla Allard, Thomas Sandell, and Pia Wallen have used new materials and updated traditional materials to create innovative furniture and products for the home. This is essentially an unrivalled source of Scandinavian designs that can be drawn together, adapted and applied to the modern interior.

About the Author
Alexander Tzonis is professor of architectural theory at the University of Technology of Delft. He has also taught at Harvard University, Yale University, MIT, and Columbia University. He has written about Calatrava's work for many years.

Book Description
Very few designers of this century-- a century dominated by specialization and fragmentation-- can be called universal, but Santiago Calatrava is one of these few. In his numerous buildings, engineering projects, sculptures, and furniture designs, this Spanish architect whose practice is based in Switzerland has developed a unique poetics of morphology that overlaps structure and movement.

Combining art and science, technology and architecture, Calatrava's bridges and buildings create a sublime elegance in their urban contexts. With dynamic curves, leaning vertical elements, and mechanically operable roofs, they embody potential motion. In this book, Alexander Tzonis explores Calatrava's "poetics of movement" not only in the architect's large-scale work, but also in his drawings and sculptures.

The book features thirty-five projects, fully documented with photographs, drawings, and sketches. Included are Calatrava's most recent works-- the Milwaukee Art Museum Addition and the Orient Station in Lisbon-- and his best known, from the Montjuic Tower to the Alameda Bridge.

Book description
Having read numerous books on the subject, I'd say that Ms. Wong's "A Master Course in Feng Shui" is truly an outstanding one. It's not easy reading book, because it deals with very complex subjects, but since it's a workbook, you can always keep checking the level of your understanding. But! If you have read about and applied either Compass School or Black Sect FS before, beware! Ms. Wong uses Authentic FS and you'll realize it has very little to do with what you've believed about this ancient art of placement earlier, so it might just either confuse or kind of disappoint you. I'd say that if one of those schools have worked for you, just stick with them.
architecture books and design books
Book description
This major study of one of the 20th century's greatest architects reevaluates the entire body of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's work in America. Based on considerable new research and bringing to light previously unstudied material-drawings and collages, photographs, project documents, and oral histories-Mies in America presents fresh, original, and corrective interpretations of the architect's achievements. The book includes nine essays that together offer a portrait of Mies's evolution as an artist. Packed with more than 550 illustrations, the book looks beyond Mies's most famous architectural triumphs, from the IIT campus in Chicago to the Seagram Building in New York, to probe the relationship between a seminal body of work and its cultural context.
architecture books and design books
Book description
architecture books and design books
Book description
Fifteen Japanese homes, complete with shoji screens and tatami mats, in 224 color photos.

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